From Ducretion

You, Sir Billy, Shield of the Realm, honorable Knight of King's Kingdom, leaned over your balcony and gazed across your lands, you felt the cool, calm breeze of the wind flowing through your thick, blonde hair. You are a lesser noble in the lands of King's Kingdom, you had proved himself as a knight to earn his lands. But war was coming and soon he would have to put everything at risk, once again. The neighboring kingdom of Nihon had been raiding his kingdom's lands and his King had finally decided to declare war. Five villages had been razed and not a single survivor was found, every single last villager was murdered. These brutal raids had forced King David to declare the war that he did not want, with his war council, advisers and subjects all wanting war, he eventually submitted to the ever growing pressure. Nihon was an ancient kingdom, they preferred to keep traditions amongst it's people, causing many to find their ways barbaric and uncivilized, in fact Nihon was quite a civilized country. It had order among citizens and upheld the ancient tradition of it's warrior training and religious rituals. They produced fearful samurai warriors who were as devoted and disciplined to their leaders as they were skillful with a blade. The samurai warriors wore lamellar armor, a flexible yet durable armor that seemed to deflect blades. They also wielded katanas: a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular guard and a long hilt capable of one or two handed use. They said the Nihon samurais were fearless of death and would even go as far as to commit "Seppaku", a traditional self disembowelment, normally with a short blade if they dishonored themselves or to avoid being captured by the enemy. And now, Sir Billy had to prepare his already crippled force against one of the worlds most feared fighting forces. You leave your bedroom, dressed in fine garments, strolling through your castle corridors and admiring the paintings and tapestry draped along the walls, before being interrupted by a courier

"Sir Billy my lord, I bring a message from King David," says the courier, handing you a letter with fresh ink of the king's seal imprinted on it.

You open up the letter and unfold the piece of parchment in contained inside. The letter read:

"Sir Billy, Shield of the Realm, I King David, Protector of the Realm task you with the role as Marshal and Supreme Army Commander on our war to come with Nihon, I expect you to muster a large force and rally the other knights and lords of the realm and arrive at the White-Gold Palace."

You fold the letter back up and put it back in it's envelope so you can place the letter in your study later, every lord kept a file of documents and letters so they could later be looked upon had they missed anything of importance.

"Jamie! Where are you boy?" you yell out.

A burly figure in hard-boiled leather armor and soft, black riding boots with curly, brown locks rushes to your side, your squire, Jamie. The son of a dear friend, Lord Coutlemanis, you had agreed to take upon as your squire to help aspire to become a knight one day.

"I need you to place this letter with the other documents in my study and I also need you to compose a letter to King David, letting him know that I graciously accept my position as Marshal and Supreme Army Commander. Once you done that I need you to ready our steeds," requested Sir Billy, adding a smile, "And yes, you can stop by at the inn before you head to the stables..."

Jamie nods and hurries off to complete his jobs, you've known for quite some time now that Jamie is fond of the inn girl, Charlie. It really is the only reason Jamie goes come to think of it.

Your next move is:

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